American Idol and Curling Irons…

So we sit down last night to watch my daughter’s FAVORITE show American Idol, and I figure that since she is 13 and those moments of “mommy please fix my hair” are few and far in-between I would curl her hair for her during this TWO HOUR show.

Needless to say she has more hair than either of us realized and by 11:30 we finally finished curling all of it. She had that very formal 1930’s 40’s look to her hair until she combed it out then it just looked wavy. We had a fun time laughing and just hanging out. We didn’t talk a lot as she shhhh’ed me a lot so she could hear the show, but it was fun none the less.

Matthew was on the couch with the new dog in heaven, and Murphy (the older dog), really does not enjoy hanging out with him. Matthew was only 7 when we got Murphy so that makes a big difference. Now Matthew has adopted Moe (aka Sparkie), and the two of the are inseparable when they are together. Matt is doing wonderful in Walking him 1st thing in the morning, feeding him, then walking him again, all before school starts. The taking him for long walks after school and playing with him for hours as well. So he is taking responsibility for the dog. Now if I could just get him to do the same with his room. Guess you can tell what is important to him. Funny, but aren’t we that way too…Somethings we will put off until the absolute last minute, other things we just jump in and get it over with. Oh well….such is life..

My class is going well..I am enjoying it. There is more reading this time than I remembered for the other classes or maybe the “optional” reading I am just taking my time on. But The Sacraments are always fun for me to Study.

My work on the home from is getting done, though I remain restless and tired all at the same time. I am sure it is just because my mind is in a million places all at once and I need to practice just being the moment in which I am. In other words just be me, in every moment, and Focus on one thing at a time. Sure easier said than done…

Well is back to my class and the never ending laundry…(as I smile)..


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