Ubuntu News Team – Needs You!!

Do you want to be part of the Ubuntu News Team?  Do you want to be part of a long standing and growing part of the Ubuntu Community?  Looking for a place to contribute. Then the Ubuntu News Team is for you!

The Ubuntu News Team via the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter boasts of bringing more than 200 Issues full of what’s happening in and with Ubuntu and the community that surrounds it. This happens as we gather and summarize those happenings a week at a time to record as well as report how Ubuntu matures through all it’s growing pains and we want you to be part of the team!

First let me say we have some wonderful people who continue to donate many weekend hours to producing the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter but we could always use more help.

In a perfect world we would have all the summaries written by Friday afternoon and all that would need to happen on Sunday would be adding the Stats, Updates and Security portions along with the editing.  As it is right now myself and a few others spend upwards of 10-15 hours each Sunday to get UWN out the door. In the case of weekends when I’m traveling on Sundays then there are times when the newsletter often goes out a day or two later than our announced published dates. (Sorry about that by the way)

Take a look at Issue 200, 201, 202, and 203 to get an idea of what we are writing about and in the meantime let me tell you a little about each section and how you can help.

We often get asked about people writing original content for the newsletter.  The newsletter right now reports and summarizes posts that have been added other places.  However in the near future you will be able to submit original content to the Fridge.  – More about the Fridge in another post though.

LoCo News – Do you like to find out what is happening with all the LoCo Teams.  Would you like to report and summarize what the various teams are writing about?  This section is just as it sounds – we report on what the LoCo Teams are doing.

Launchpad News – This comes from the Launchpad (LP) Team blog.  Most of the time these posts are short enough to include in there entirety sometimes we have to summarize them, but Matthew Revell and the other LP team members usually write very clear and concise items to share with the world about what’s going on with LP.  So if you want to check for Launchpad news and be responsible for adding it to the news letter lets talk.

The Planet – This section is a little tricky but we’re all smart so it’s easy to figure out.  Depending on what people are writing about this could be added to The Planet, General Community News, Blogosphere, or even In Other News sections of the newsletter.  However If you feel like you want to search Planet Ubuntu each week and add the summaries to the planet section we can work it all out.

In The Press – This section is where we post those articles that have been written about Ubuntu in the Press.  This usually means those print publications that also have a web presence.  However there are some exceptions and again  – if it’s a good story then we can figure out where it needs to go 🙂

In the Blogosphere – these are blogs that are main stream but may not have a print publication, or commercial backing behind it.  However, blogs from the planet often get included here as well.

In Other News – this is about those items that are related to Ubuntu  – such as great Linux Stories, Canonical press releases, Canonical Partners who write about Ubuntu or other Corporations that discuss Ubuntu.  However, those really quirky and fun stories that are related to Ubuntu in some for or fashion that doesn’t really fit in any other area can go here as well.

Featured Podcasts – this is summaries of podcasts/videocasts such as the Ubuntu UK Podcast, Full Circle Magazine Podcasts, Ubuntu Podcasts, At Home with Jono Bacon Community Q&A UStream TV casts.  If there are other Ubuntu related casts that should be on the list we need to know that as well.  So if you are interested making sure these casts get included in the newsletter that would be great!

Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings – We try to offer the meeting minutes for the Development teams that are list on the Fridge Calendar.  While some teams don’t really have formal meeting minutes some teams do.  If you would like to verify the links each week and make sure we aren’t missing any teams then this the section for you!

Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu – If you are on one of these teams we could always use your help to make sure we include the current news about these derivatives as well.

Currently we have people working on summarizing links or posting to some of the areas but it is the same people giving up part of their precious weekends and while all of us enjoy and like being part of bringing this to the community – the quote – “many hands make light work” really rings true here and if we could get a couple dedicated people per section then people could trade off what weeks they can cover and make the whole process an even more enjoyable one for everyone.

We are also looking at adding an HTML version of the newsletter to be sent to folks via a mail service like mail chimp.  Right now we don’t have true matrix for what people are reading or clicking on 1st for the newsletter.  It would be nice to have those figures.  So if you are interested in being part of this test HTML newsletter please email me and let me know   – akgraner * ubuntu * com.  This will also allow us to include photo’s, videos and some formating that the current plain text version does not.  The plain text, and the wiki versions will still be available.  If you want to help with this process please let me know that as well.

I have to thank all those folks who currently give of their time to make the newsletter what it is – Lizar Siri, J. Scott Gwin, Penelope Stowe, Mike Holstein, Nigel Babu, Daniel Caleb, Jonathan Carter, Nathan Handler, and all the folks who continue to write about Ubuntu so we can bring you UWN each week!

Here are some links to help you learn even more about the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter.  Thanks in advance for your continued support and help in making this an even better source of information for the busy Ubuntu user/contributor/developer.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Wiki – https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/

Checklist and Editing Policy Wiki – https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/EditingPolicies

HowTo Guide for the Newsletter – https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/EditingPolicies/HowToEdit

Newsletter Publication Schedule – https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Schedule

Section Guidelines and Suggestions – https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/SectionGuidelines

We also have a googledoc, wiki page and ietherpad areas for you to work on the newsletter at as I am aware that some people prefer to work on UWN in places other than the wiki.  This also keeps editing conflicts down to a minimum on Sundays when everyone is working together on UWN.

So stop by #ubuntu-news on freenode or email me and lets get you started on your way to contributing to UWN.  Looking forward to hearing from you!  Many Thanks!


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  • I just subscribed to the weekly newsletter and I am looking forward to reading it each Monday. Thanks for the post.

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