Interview with Ubuntu IRC Council Member – Jussi Schultink

In this audio interview I talk to Ubuntu IRC Council Member, Jussi Schultink.

Today I am speaking to Jussi Schultink. Jussi is an active Ubuntu Member as well as and Ubuntu IRC Council Member. Thank you Jussi I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me and share your thoughts on being an IRC Council member and more.

Below are the questions that we discussed with a few links added as we talked about them.

If you want to hear how Jussi answered the questions below go to:

* OGG Format – Jussi Schultink Interview

* MP3 Format – Jussi Schultink Interview

If you listen I hope you will enjoy! Please give me feedback and let me know who else you would be interested in hearing from. I want to do more interviews and I am just now learning all the ends and outs of audacity. :-) So if someone wants to give me some pointers on that as well I would be most welcome.

Thanks! :-) ~akgraner!

Interview Notes:

QUESTION: Welcome Jussi and can you tell me a little about what the IRC Council is and what it does for the Ubuntu Community?  Can you tell me what your role on the Council is?  Does this differ from other roles or is every member of the councils responsibilities the same?

* – Wiki Page

QUESTION: How many members are there on the Ubuntu IRC Council?  How many ubuntu ops are there across the Ubuntu IRC Core Channels?  How much do you all interact with the freenode staff?

* – IRCC In Launchpad

#ubuntu-ops IRC Channel on (not for idling but for getting help when needed)

QUESTION: What do you see as the biggest advantage to the Ubuntu Community of having an Ubuntu IRC Council.

QUESTION: If people are new to Ubuntu and IRC what resources would you recommend they read? What IRC client do you recommend to new IRC Users?  Are there mentors available to people who want to learn more about being an op or just IRC in general?




#ubuntu-irc for asking various howto and topics concerning irc (can idle here)

#ubuntu-ops IRC Channel on (not for idling but for getting help when needed)

QUESTION: Jussi when did you start getting involved with FOSS and was Ubuntu your 1st distribution?  If not what was and why?  When and why did you move to Ubuntu?

QUESTION: Since being on the Ubuntu IRCC Council is a volunteer position, what is your “real” job?  What hobbies or interest do you have outside the Ubuntu Community?


QUESTION: Jussi is there anything else you would like to mention that I haven’t asked you about?

3 thoughts on “Interview with Ubuntu IRC Council Member – Jussi Schultink

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  2. Just listened to the interview and I enjoyed it very much. It was nice to be able to put a voice to the nick. I would enjoy listening to more interviews with members of the Ubuntu IRC council.


  3. Hey! and Thanks! That is the plan to interview more IRC Council members:-) Thanks for listening!

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