Failure to Communicate (Podcast) – Episode 1

Welcome to Episode #1 of “Failure to Communicate” with Me and JFo!

This week talk about Takin’ Up Space So sit back and enjoy the laughs  – at us or with us – just laugh as we ramble for a few episodes until we get into the grove of podcasting.

This week we talk about where JFo’s been and where I am going, besides crazy.  We talk about a few of my proud mommy moments, and life with teenagers and me becoming a band parent. woo hoo.

JFo discusses meat pies he had while in the UK and I throw in those dashes and pinches of Ubuntu here and there. And you get to hear me say “you know” a million times. UGH! I’ll work on that.

And much much more so stay tuned for JFo and Amber just “Takin Up Space” as we “Fail to Communicate”.
* Failure to Communicate – Episode 1 – Ogg and Mp3

Feedback welcome and wanted! Suggestions for topics we’d love to hear them as well.

Talk to ya soon! Many Thanks!

~akgraner and ~jfo


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