Laugh with me or at me, but just laugh…Life is short.

Today I went to one of my small groups where we were discussing the Virtues: Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance, Faith, Hope, and Charity…After discussing them I wonder how often I employee them in my life.(I don’t think very often there is some debate on this) I think I really have some work to do. I won’t tell you which ones I need the most help on, you have to figure that out for yourself, hopefully I will have fixed that before you can figure it out, but if you do, maybe we can just have a good laugh about the fact that I am so human. (meaning I have so many faults that I stumble so much I need a helping hand (up if I have a choice) and someone to laugh with me, and shake their head and wonder how did I do that? again?) – There is a reason my family says I should dye my hair red and change my name to Lucy. Just ask them they will tell you.

Pete is on his way to Germany then after that back to the UK. I heard from him a little while ago, he made his connecting flight barely, but wasn’t to sure if his bag was going to join him. Hopefully it will catch up with him in Berlin. One can hope right.

The kids just gave the dogs a bath. That was interesting. I am not sure who or what gets more water on them, the dog, the kids, or the bathroom floor. Every time the dogs get a bath I have to mop the bathroom floor. At least the floor stays clean. If only the whole house could stay that way. Is it possible with 2 dogs and 2 kids and various other people’s kids in and out to keep a house spotless, and should I really worry about it? As long as I don’t lose other people’s kids, can find my own, have no new animals I didn’t know about and the health department hasn’t paid me a visit I am good right? Just wondering where the line is you know that “This house is clean enough to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy”

Amber’s Journal Entry 30 Nov 90
“Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right thing.” – Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) Irish writer
Well the U.N voted for the use of force against Iraq . 12 for, 2 against (Cuba and Yemen), and 1 abstained (China). Wow! January 15th, 45 days.
Things will happen then. Life is simple . So is death. Am I ready? Have I said and done everything I possibly can and humanly do?
The room is quiet now except for an occasional snore now and then, oh to sleep sound again. What a dream? To truly dream again. When? I’m lonely (inside) in a way I can’t explain. Just to have a special someone would be nice, but those chances seem lost. Are they lost forever now?

(side note: the journal I was using here had quotes at the top of each page. The room I was in I shared with 12 other people during the day and we did what was called “hot coting” 13 people slept in the room during the day, and then using the same cots/beds 13 people slept in the room at night so 26 people in total used the room. They usually had to tell me to be quiet and go to sleep because we worked nights and I always wanted to stay up and talk most of the morning. If any of you guys are reading this..Sorry)

I am enjoying sharing these journal entries hope you all are enjoying reading the snippets.


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