The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu

Well Part 1 was a success…:)

Here’s Part 2….

Let’s see, I managed to get videos to play, CD’s, MP3’s, work (which required installing extra software which I couldn’t do on Red Hat. I did it myself). Installed 247 updates (on my own) and guess what once they were installed NOTHING broke everything still worked. The other cool thing was it took less than 30 minutes.

OK, so some questions were asked on Peter’s Blog about the time scale vs. functionality with Red Hat/Fedora before things broke. Let me answer that in a simple answer. Pete did everything. When he would install the updates (and in full disclosure it was a final release i.e. Fedora 5 not as he called it an alpha or beta something…) something would break, then I would have to wait for him or the community people to fix stuff to make it work (at least that how the process was explained to me). Sometimes that would only take a few minutes other times it would take hours to days. Then I would just give up and go back to my Mac. I didn’t understand the language of Linux and now I am ready to try all this.

About the Mac updates, I, not Pete install them as they become available.

I am not opposed to learning Fedora 10 and comparing it to Ubuntu, once I finish this experiment. I only have a have one spare computer to “play” with at the moment.

I managed to write my essays for my class using Open Office and get them posted to the Website at Dayton. That was my goal for today.

This weekend I want to transfer my photos from i-Photo to F-Spot and see if I can do all the stuff I can do with iPhoto. I am wondering what I can use in the place of iDVD and iMovie, I am not seeing anything in my menu on Ubuntu that will allow me to do this. Might have to go on a hunt. Under applications I saw this thing that says add/remove but it doesn’t say what I can add and remove. Once I opened it I figured out it was to Add/Remove software. Guess I will find out how easy it is.

Part 3 on Monday….


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