Pathway of Gratitude

The gem cannot be polished without friction nor man without trials.Confucius

Pete and I are overwhelmed with the generosity of our family, friends and even strangers. The words “Thank You” don’t seem to express enough how thankful we are, so we have decided to use the brick from the old house once it is cleaned to create a pathway of gratitude.

This pathway will have quotes engraved in it and one brick for each person who has supported us through emails, cards, hugs, prayers, and monies.  We wanted to remember all those who have helped and those who continue to help us put our lives back together after the fire.

We thought it would be amazing to show our kids and anyone who visits us the beauty of humanity, by remembering daily those acts of kindness and never taking them for granted.

Again thank you everyone and hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll share more about all of this so you can be part of process (if you want to be).  This week it is demolition and seeing what if anything can be refinished or used again in the new house. I’ll let you all know.

I can’t wait to walk on this pathway of gratitude and remember everyone each day. Many Thanks!


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