The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu

Part 28

Beginner Areas and Awe

The last post of Community v. “Community” was supposed to invoke discussion on the subject, and I think it got a little of track, but that’s OK, I got some great information for me and other new users and have listed them below.

I freely admitted that it was just a bump in the road and could be fixed. Perception is reality. That was my perceived reality a few days ago. I found it difficult to find a place to begin (not to use just to contribute). (I am impatient and have indicated that in several posts, as I am sure more people than me have this wonderful trait;) )

I have since been directed to several places that I did not even know about. Since pgraner was not allowed to help me I wish someone would have pointed these out weeks ago. 😉

Ubuntu Forums
Brainstorm (as mentioned before)
Beginners Team Education Focus Group
Ubuntu Classroom
Absolute Beginners Talk – Forum
Ubuntu Pocket Guide – PDF
#Ubuntu-Classroom – freenode

So there ARE ways for people new Ubuntu to learn and become more involved. I have to tell you I am also learning about how to use google as a focused search tool, and how important “key words” and “Tags” are.

I waited a couple days to see what new and exciting insights the comments would bring. As you can see discussions about many things have occurred. I am excited about the new avenues for me as well as other beginners to pursue. I am sure there are other wiki’s within Ubuntu, I just haven’t found them all yet.

To the people that posted UDS was not for users/beginners; then change the wording. The wiki has the best wording. I read three different write ups all within Ubuntu and words like “guests and gurus” (that to me suggests all ranges of users) “Social and strategic highlight of each release” (suggests it is work and networking for all) The first paragraph on UDS (Ubuntu News) sounds like it is open to anyone, when it says “Open to the Public”, I was just disappointed when I got to the end and it said, “not for the end user”. I guess that’s why it’s called Ubuntu DEVELOPERS Summit, I am learning more on that subject as well. I’m just excited..That is all. The excitement doesn’t end just because I got schooled on UDS! 😉

I thought if UDS wasn’t open to end user then there might be a Ubuntu User Conference of some type somewhere. There is no big user event sponsored by Canonical/Ubuntu. I guess I was hoping there would be something like the MACWORLD User Conference that’s all (not on that scale but small conference by comparison). Before I get “beat up” I understand why there isn’t. That just might be the next cause I champion. I’ll have to let you know.

Realizing that since Ubuntu 4.10 released in Oct, 2004 and it’s only 2009 now, Canonical/Ubuntu has come a long way, I have to say I am humbled. I saw the Open Source Community and Linux develop since 1993; never a user only watching over pgraner’s shoulder and the things he was doing. What I saw of Linux over the years; 10+ years of watching and then around 2004/2005 I tried Linux and I still could not use it on my own. Now Ubuntu comes along, and what Canonical/Ubuntu has done in a short 5 year period of time, I am in AWE that it (Linux) is now usable by beginners like me.

Thanks for comments!!!! Please keep it up…I’ll keep blogging..(AND LEARNING)


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