SCALE10x – 20-22 January: I’m speaking and I hope to see you there!

This weekend is one of my favorite open source conferences—SCALE10x (Southern California Linux Expo).  I don’t just say that because the let me give a couple of talks.

My Talks at SCALE10x

* Mentoring Moments: Creating Opportunities for Success

* 0 to Geek in 3 years.  (UPSCALE Talks)

* Introducing the Community (aka How to Get Help) (this one will actually be on Saturday)

Why do I like SCALE?

Oh this is any easy one to answer.  Real people go there. The organizers are awesome. My friends are speakers too. Actually, what draws me to SCALE is that everyone is welcome!  I say this all the time about SCALE, while other event says everyone is welcome, rarely do they have something for everyone—really SCALE does! SCALE10x is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and this year they have added more talks, tracks, and special events.

The exhibit hall is great and interacting with everyone is always an educational delight.

Check out the speakers list, need I say more! What a diverse group of people, talent, interests, skills, experience and passion for FOSS.  I always leave SCALE more determined to make a positive impact using lessons I learn from everyone throughout the weekend.

I always make a list of people I want to meet while I am there and exhibits I want to go and see.  Luckily I don’t have to write it down anymore as SCALE uses the Guidebook app that allows me to do all that from my phone. (If you were at the last Ubuntu Developer Summit or Linaro Connect you may have seen people using it on their phones there as well.)

This is also where I get to see many of my friends, find out what they are working on, what I things are people talking about and more.

What about Ubuntu @SCALE10x?

The California LoCo team will be setting up and staffing an Ubuntu booth on Saturday (they’ll be there Sunday too).  I told Elizabeth Krumbach, that I’d help with setup if she needed me to.  I don’t get the opportunity to talk to her as much as I’d like, so I think I cram 6 months worth of conversation into a span of an hour.  (Sorry Lyz).  If you attend my mentoring talk on Friday morning you’ll hear more about her and others and the lessons I learned from them.

Members of the LoCo Team have also organized an UbuCon for SCALE10x.

SCALE10 attendees are in for another new to SCALE (ok new to most people) juju Charm School. Another friend of mine Jorge Castro and others from Canonical will be leading this juju event. Yes, you read that right, it’s juju.

More cool stuff!

Other Stuff

Fedora, GNOME, Inkscape, Jenkins, Linux Chix, O’Reilly, One Laptop Per Child, Open Shot Video Editor, PyLadies, and XMBC, but I am sure I’ll visit all the booths.

I also wish I could attend ALL the special events there are so many, it’s great!

So what are you waiting for head to SCALE 10x this weekend (20 – 22 January); at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport hotel.  Hope to see ya there!


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