2012: Wishes, Dreams, or Goals.

I read that Goals that are not written down are just wishes and that Goals are dreams with deadlines.  After reading these two quotes I thought about what I wanted to achieve in 2012.

I thought about how many times I often wished for something, dreamed of something and how many of those things actually became a reality. I also thought about what goals I want achieve those in 2012.

These quotes also made me think how many times I’ve said “I wish..”, but failed to act on those wishes. So, for 2012 I decided that I would not have resolutions and instead I would come up with a personal mission statement and set realistic goals.

I’ll let you know if my new approach to this year makes a difference in being able to achieve my 2012 goals and good luck with all of your dreams, wishes, and goals in 2012; I hope they all come true!


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