UDS: Remote Participation – Day 3 – Making the Ubuntu Experience that much better!

Part 48 – The Ubuntu Chronicles: Amber’s Adventures in the Community

UDS (Ubuntu Developers Summit) for Karmic Koala, Ubuntu 9.10 has moved past the halfway point. Only 2 days left!

The remote participation kinks have been worked out and things are moving along. It’s really great to experience being part of this release.

The tracks I am following for the most part are Community, Desktop, and some a Kernel session here or there.

Well three days later and sleeping only a few hours each night are taking there toll on my memory. UDS starts at 0300 EST. That’s kinda early, but the remote participation so far has been for the most part a positive experience. Though I really should pay closer attention when I want to say something at 0330am. The way it sounds in my head and they way it reads on the screen are two different things. (An early shower and tons of caffeine are on the list in the morning before I even log in :-D! )

Here are the topics and tracks* I had an opportunity to listen to.
*unless other wise noted they are community tracks

*Improving Loco Teams
*Refocusing the Ubuntu Spirit
*Free Culture in Ubuntu
*Finding Tasks for the New Developer
*Meet Your Users – Desktop Track

*Improving Ubuntu Open Week
*LoCo Directory
*Social From the Start Gwibber Integration – Desktop Track
*Helping Ubuntu with NGO’s
*Code of Conduct Boundaries

*Wednesday Roundtable
*Parental Controls – Desktop Track
*LoCo Council Review
*Better Suspend Resume – Kernel Track
*Debian Relationship Check
*LoCo Team Conference Packs

As you can see by the session titles there are some really great discussions, plans and decisions are being made, and I am excited to see what the forward momentum of these sessions accomplish for the next release. It is an opportunity to see the full developmental cycle for a given release in action.

The Community Tracks (Community Team) are really focused on the ubuntu experience and doing what it takes to make it a success around the globe, for the individual member and the community as a whole. It doesn’t matter if you are a community member who has been MOTU (Masters of the Universe) for years, or whether you just installed Ubuntu yesterday, everyone wants your experience to be encouraging, engaging and empowering.

The Community Team takes all the feedback, information, needs and wants, reviews it ands sees what they need to improve on asking themselves constantly, “Does this work?” “Does this make sense” “How can we improve that.” “Do we need that?”. Whether you want to learn how to file bugs, fix them, write documentation, become a MOTU, translate documentation, plan events, or something in between; they are there to take the awesome energy of the users and channel it to make the ubuntu experience that much better.

If you want to read about these sessions from the people who are at UDS check out Planet Ubuntu. These folks give you a better write-up than I could – :-D!

I am so glad that I decided to take part in the UDS sessions through remote participation. If you can’t go just remember you can still be part of the release planning. How cool is that? Take a look at the wiki.

Enjoy and have a AWESOME day! :-D!


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