UDS: Remote Participation – Reflection – Apologies!

Part 49 The Ubuntu Chronicles: Amber’s Adventures in the Community

UDS, Ubuntu Developer Summit – Remote Participation – Reflection
-and Apologies!

I have had a chance to re-evaluate some things I said and thought back in March, 2009. I had a perceived view of what a developer was and took exception to the wording in the description of who and what UDS is for, and who exactly is a developer… What I learned this week was that everyone who gives back in someway helps develop the Ubuntu Project. I will write more on that in another blog.

Folks – I was WRONG! I totally missed the boat in my blog posting Community v “community” in March 2009. I just didn’t understand. So now after attending the UDS sessions remotely let me give a better evaluation. I guess personal growth in a community setting can have some painful lessons.

So here are my growing pains.

Canonical/Ubuntu folks – you do walk the walk and talk the talk!
I saw “not for end user” on the UDS documentation in March…and kinda lost my mind…Hat in hand, I’m sorry! I was WRONG about there being an ubuntu of two communities…
Canonical, Thank You for sponsoring such an amazing event, and distribution!

Ubuntu is not by techies for techies, it is by a Community for a Community. The people who contribute are as unique as snowflakes and contribute in more ways than I can describe.

UDS is not a social, give me your business card-give me free stuff- advice-drop name conference. This is a working, planning, developing the next release summit! Having said that, end users *can* participate as long as it is for the benefit of the release. This isn’t about what can I get from Ubuntu, but rather, what can I give to make Ubuntu better. I am embarrassed to admit I thought that UDS excluded the end user... Far from it…the Summit seeks to make the Ubuntu Project and experience better for all users! Again my Apologies. (oh my face is red here!)

With that, I can’t wait see what Karmic Koala, Ubuntu 9.10 will be like. Based on the information in all the tracks and sessions at UDS, KARMIC WILL ROCK! I hope you will continue to help me grow in this community as I learn more each day. When I started this, the goal was to write about what I was learning and experiencing and be as up front as possible. Even when the person I have to take exception with is me. Now I need to go find some ketchup and eat this crow. THANKS EVERYONE!

Have a great Day! More Later :-D!

Just Me, Amber 😀


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