Community Leadership Summit

Community Leadership Summit was July 18-19, 2009.

I loved it. I have met some great people and exchanged wonderful ideas, and started some thought provoking dialogues to say the least.

The folks from the California Ubuntu LoCo were here, Chris (itnet7) from the Florida LoCo team is here too. It was great seeing the Ubuntu T-shirts on Saturday. I felt an immediate familiarity with those folks even though I didn’t know them before Saturday. It was nice to just have that feeling of belonging before ever saying hello to someone.

I finally got the chance to talk in person to Emma Jane Hogbin and not just in an IRC Channel. Wealth of information and some great insight on events and community. Emma took the time to share with me so much of her knowledge about her events. (HICK Tech) WOW! (plus it was great just to laugh!) I can’t wait to continue our conversation this week at OSCON. Thanks Emma! 🙂

Rikki Kite, with Linux Pro Mag was at the event as well. I felt like I already knew Rikki, but I finally was given to opportunity to meet her and hang out. I’ll be working the Linux Pro Mag booth at OSCON and I can’t wait!!! Rikki brought a wealth of cumulative knowledge to the group with her insights on encouraging and bringing more women into the F/LOSS community at all levels.

The sessions were as diverse as the people and some of them really challenged me to rethink a few items. (more about that in another post). 🙂

I have so much more to write about the Summit and all the great people I’ve meet. I am sure I will write a few more posts on the subject before the day is out.

Information overload – :-)!!!

More as the day goes on…


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