Ubuntu Open Week – Summary Day 2, Outlook Day 3

Following in the steps of nhandler here…

Ubuntu Open Week Day 2 proved to be as EXCITING, ENCOURAGING, and EDUCATIONAL as Day 1. At every hour the number of participants in #ubuntu-classroom was hovering at or above 300 people. AWESOME turnout out.

Today the sessions included some great topics and lively discussion surrounding each of the well attended sessions. There were some AMAZING questions, which always makes for GREAT sessions!

If you missed the sessions today, then you might be wondering what you missed. Well keep reading the line-up today was:

Ubuntu Moblin Remix (UMR)– Bill Filler and Paul Liu – gave a well attended session all about the ends and outs of UMR. Answering things like “What is Moblin” and and more specifically “What is UMR in Karmic”. The session was based on the Ubuntu Moblin Remix Wiki for Open Week.

Writing A Book – Emma Jane Hogbin – gave a great talk what it takes to write a book. This session is based on her own experience in writing the book, Front End Drupal. In this sessions emmajane walked the participants through 3 main topics
* So you think you want to write a book?
* Distribution
* my Tookit
“So if you think you want to write a book?” Check out this session it might be just want you need to say “yes, I think I can!”

Getting People involved in your LoCo Team – Jono Bacon – Always a heavily attended session as more and more LoCo Team members want to know how to get more people involved with their LoCo team or how they can motivate the members they already have. Jono gives ways to send out the invite in a whole host of ways as well as making sure the team is always on the path of forward progression.

Byobu – Dustin Kirkland – I have to admit when I saw this session I was like “how the heck do you pronouce that?” and I don’t think I was the only one as one of the 1st links Dustin gave was that very answer. He then went on to explain what Byobu is and how it works. If Screen-Profiles as it was called in Jaunty is your thing, then you should enjoy Dustin’s session on Byobu

ISO Tracker Testing – Ara Pulido – Since February I was wondering how can a person help test and be part of the development process. If you, like me were wondering the same thing then Ara’s session is for you. Wanna help test the development images for each release? Ara’s sessions walks you through what you need to do to get started. Maybe you are a seasoned Ubuntu User and want to know where you can help on the project – ISO Tracker Testing is another area to join in on.

Learning Project – Elizabeth Krumbach – In this session Elizabeth goes into yet another budding area of the community – the Ubuntu Community Learning Project (UCLP). Elizabeth goes into detail on this grassroots-community driven educational tool. She explains the goal of UCLP project , what formats they are using to build the classes, what some of the classes are, who the classes are geared toward, and how you help.

Writing Secure Code
– Kees Cook – In his session, Kees, gives a quick overview on ways to try to keep software more secure when you’re writing it. Kees gives the general best practice reviews and starts out by answering “Where do I start?” Kees adapted this session from a talk he gave at Oregon State University. Kees defines what he means by “security” and gives links, offers discussion, and examples of “Writing Secure Code” Do you write code? Check out Kees session.

Getting KDE 4 Ready for LTS – Jonathan Riddell – Jonathan in his session talks about Kubuntu, KDE 4 and who to get this ready for April when the next LTS Release (Ubuntu 10.4, Lucid Lynx) happens. He explains what KDE 4 and Kubuntu has to offer and explains how you can help get Kubuntu/KDE4 ready for the next release.

On Tap for Day 3, Wednesday, 4 Nov, is the following lineup.
Remember all session Times are in UTC.
UTC Conversion Chart

1500 – AppArmor – John Johansen

1600 – Leadership Workshop – Jono Bacon

1700 – Making Screencast – DKcross

1800 – First steps in translating Ubuntu – David Planella

1900 – Kubuntu Netbook Edition – Scott Kitterman

2000 – Intro to GIMP – akk

2100 – Giving Useful Feedback – Murat Güneş

2200 – Ubuntu Membership – Nathan Handler

If you want to know more about the session leaders check out the booklet. Do you want to see the line up for Thursday and Friday, or maybe just some more information about Ubuntu Open Week then check out the wiki. Hope you see you all in the IRC channels on Freenode where Ubuntu Open Week is taking place: #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat. What are you waiting for 3 more days of Open Week left, don’t miss out on all the great sessions, all the fun starts 1500 UTC – plan to be there! :-D!

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