Ubuntu Open Week – Summary Day 3, Outlook Day 4

Day 3 of open week was INTERESTING, INSIGHTFUL, INSTRUCTIONAL and INTENSE. The day moved along quickly as the sessions showcased the dedication that the community has to the Ubuntu project. Today’s sessions were also hovering at or near the 300 people for most of the day. There have been several people who this was either their 1st time participating or their 1st time leading/facilitating sessions. Hats of to those who have participated so far and those who we will see Thursday and Friday.

Here’s a rundown of today’s sessions just in case you might have missed them. If you missed a session please find the time to go back through the logs as there is some great information stored in there.

John Johansen, Canonical Kernel Team Member, kicked off open week in his session about AppArmor. Answering questions from, “What is AppArmor?” , “What is the future of AppArmor?” and even “Why would the “normal” user care about AppArmor” and much much more.

Next up was Jono Bacon with a Leadership Workshop. Jono in his open remarks tells us the goal of this session: the goal of this session is to share some advice and tips for becoming an effective leader in a community – if you are the leader of a community team, this session should be useful to you”. So if you are interested in becoming or already in a leadership position then definitely grab take a look at the log for this session.

Following the leadership workshop was DKcross with his Making Screencasts session. DKcross did a awesome job of defining screencasts. Then walked the participants through how to make and edit a screencast using “Recordmydesktop”. Screencasts and screenshots are very different, I found out. So if want to know a little more about or maybe need an introduction to making screencasts this session is a must for you.

David Planella then stepped into the classroom and his session – First steps in translating Ubuntu. David reminds the participants of a key part of the Ubuntu philosophy that “every computer user should be able to use their software in the language of their choice.” David explains the basic requirements to being about to work on translations then dives into how you get started.

Kubuntu Netbook Edition session was on tap next and Scott Kitterman along with , Marco Martin, and Artur de Souza talk about the combination of KDE, Kubuntu and netbooks. Scott et all talk about hoe the development of Kubuntu Netbook edition, what the plan for the future, and how people can get involved. Kubuntu and netbooks is a match made in heaven for you the check out this session.

Intro to GIMP by Akkana Peck was up next. Though all the sessions of the day were great and well attended, I was anxiously awaiting the start of this session. GIMP and I have this love/hate thing going on, well we did until this class. Akkana introduced the participants to the awesomeness of GIMP giving resources and instruction on how to improve that skills. If you want to know more about GIMP then this session is for you.

Murat Güneş, gave a session on Giving Useful Feedback. In this session, Murat covered good practices in providing feedback to developers, in bug triagers, and to designers and other areas that are Ubuntu specific.For this session Murat kept the feedback discussion and best practice centered on bug reporting, development and design discourse. If you file bugs and want to see what information to or not to include in a bug report or if you do QA testing then take a look at this session. Very informative.

The day concluded with Nathan Handler’s overview of the Ubuntu Membership process. Nathan explains “Ubuntu Membership is a way that the Ubuntu community recognizes people who have made substantial and sustained contributions to Ubuntu”. He then talks about pro’s to membership and the process for Ubuntu Membership. If you are wanting to know more about this process and are wanting to become and Ubuntu Member then this is your session.

On Tap for Day 4, Thursday, 5 Nov, is the following lineup.
Remember all session Times are in UTC.
UTC Conversion Chart

1500 – Getting Started in Ubuntu Development – James Westby and Daniel Holbach

1600 – How to Fix Bugs – James Westby and Daniel Holbach cont.

1700 – Basics of and Behavior in Ubuntu IRC channels – Kurt von Finck and Jussi Schultink

1800 – KVM and Virt-Manager – Dustin Kirkland

1900 –Welcome to the new Edubuntu – Stéphane Graber

2000 – WIOS – Issues – Elizabeth Krumbach

2100 – WIOS – Encouragement – Mackenzie Morgan

2200 – TBD

If you want to know more about the session leaders check out the booklet. Do you want to see the line up for Thursday and Friday, or maybe just some more information about Ubuntu Open Week then check out the wiki. Hope you see you all in the IRC channels on Freenode where Ubuntu Open Week is taking place: #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat. What are you waiting for 3 more days of Open Week left, don’t miss out on all the great sessions, all the fun starts 1500 UTC – plan to be there! :-D!

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