Ubuntu Open Week – Summary Day 5

The last day (Day 5) of Ubuntu Open Week, (Friday, November 6, 2009) was as CLEAR, CONCISE, COLLABORATIVE, and full of CURRICULA.

The sessions on day five were as engaging as those on day one. All the sessions were hovering around 300 with the exception of the “Ask Mark – sabdfl”session which at some points during the hour were +350. If you missed some or all of Ubuntu Open Week – Day 5, let’s see what you missed.

The day started with a session on Xubuntu – Lots of Kittens and Mice by Charlie Kravetz, Xubuntu Quality Assurance Lead. This session was all about what Xubuntu is and what makes it different from Ubuntu and what benefits using this derivative has. Information given also included how you can get involved if Xubuntu is for you.

Next on the line-up was Jorge Castro, Canonical Community Team Member, with How to run Ubuntu+1. Jorge explains what is Ubuntu+1, I’ll tell you in this case it’s Lucid Lynx, Ubuntu 10.4. So Jorge goes into detail on how to use and test an Ubuntu Development Release. If are wanting to run the next Bleeding Edge Release of Ubuntu this session is for you.

Mark Shuttleworth followed Jorge in the “Ask Mark – sabdfl” session. In this session Mark answered questions from the community. This was a fast passed QA session. That proved to be awesome and fun to take part in. If you have always wanted to know things like “What is your average day like” or “What’s your opinion of ChromeOS?” and much more be sure an check out this session.

Next was Kernel QA – The Life Cycle of a Kernel Bug by Leann Ogasawara of the Canonical Kernel Team. Leann discusses the life cycle of a bug in three parts:
1: Report the Bug 2: Triage the Bug 3: Fix the Bug. If fixing kernel bugs is on your radar, and you want to know more about this, then this session is for you.

BethLynn Eicher, (a distro agostic professional system adminstrator) followed with a session on Resolving Bug One. BethLynn, is working on solving Bug #1 – Microsoft has majority market share. If you are wondering how you can contribute to solving this issue please take a look at the session logs.

After the Bug #1 discussion was a session on Introduction to the Ubuntu Documentation Project by UK Lawyer, Matthew East. In this session Matthew lets those who want to contribute to the project via documentation, what is meant by Ubuntu Documentation and how you can get involved. This project could always use more help so if documentation is something you might be interested in check out this session.

Ken Vandine, Kernel Desktop Team, then gave a session on Introducing the Telepathy Stack.
This session was about the Telepathy real-time communications framework, not about instant messenger preferences. Ken also explained all the Telapathy real-time communications framework components and how they work together. Interested in Telepathy, check out these logs.

Last, but not least, Jorge Castro was up with Feedback and Ideas for Ubuntu Open Week. This session was where people took the time to give feedback on how to improve the overall quality of Ubuntu Open Week. Take a look to see what people had to say on Ubuntu Open Week.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to make Ubuntu Open week the success that it was. Hope to see everyone in May when Ubuntu Open Week rolls around again. 🙂


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