The Early Bird…sees the sunrise…(I don’t like worms)

Well I got up early, showered and got the laundry started. See today is a better day. The Rebecca is already at school and Matthew and his friends just headed out the door for the bus. In about 15 min or so I will be headed to Mass, then an appt. with the Curves folks, ( I was looking for a woman’s only place to exercise) Then the Post Office as our MA Tags have to go back to MA. Then it is back home for a few. The I have an appt. in North Raleigh, the I am dropping off a disk of pictures back to Ron’s house. Ron is teaching Matthew the way to take pictures. Matthew took over 500+ pictures of a Soap Box Derby, well Matt went through the pictures and he decided that only 39 out of 500+ were worth printing. I think he is learning and loving every minute of it. I hope Ron is enjoying it too.

I made a ham this weekend and tonight we are having back Mac and Cheese, (homemade), and tomorrow I am using what is left for Split Pea Soup, even though I think Peter and I are the only ones who enjoy them.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day. God Bless you all!
More later.


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