Guess who’s coming to dinner? A CAT!

Well I have finally gotten myself back…..
My to do list today has gotten awful long though.
All the laundry, the kitchen, dusting and vacuuming….UGH
Usually Monday is wash day, Tuesday is for the kitchen and Bathrooms, and Wednesday is Vacuum and dusting, Thursday is errands, and Friday is touch up day.
But I seem to have gotten off my schedule. And for me a schedule is VERY important. Once I am out of a routine, everything gets turned upside down. I have misplaced my daytimer as well. I am sure I will find it once I get the house back in order. (ok me back in order). Thank goodness I am blessed with an understanding husband. The kids just think it’s cool not to have a strict routine for a few days. But they are understanding as well.

I have 2 seminars starting on Sunday. They are online classes through the University of Dayton, one is on prayer, the other is on an overview of what it means to be a catechist. These are 3 week seminars.

Also our church has Mass at 9am daily which is perfect for me, Matthew gets on the bus at 8:45 and the church is less than 5 minuted away unless I get stopped at the red light, in which case it will take me 6 minutes to get there. I think I like starting my day off with Mass.

Well my day really begins at 5:30am when the alarm goes off. Rebecca gets on the bus at 6:30am. Then Matthew gets up between 7 and 7:30am and gets on the bus at 8:45am so I guess my day begins a little before 9am but it’s still nice to go to church in the Mornings.

Anyway, So I guess I better get back to my house.

I am picking up my cousins cat at 5:30 this afternoon, I tried telling Murphy and cat was coming to stay with us for a while, I even showed him a picture, I don’t think he understands. I guess he will at diner time. I’ll keep you posted.


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