It’s been a while…..

Well since my last post, my cousin Cyndi had surgery and is doing great now, my Uncle Buster was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and passed away. My heart is still aching. I just found out that my friend Christine, just lost her dad in a car accident. When I got the news, I had to call my dad just to tell him that I loved him. We really aren’t guaranteed our tomorrows.

I was at church this morning and the Gospel reading was about how Jesus is the vine and we are the branches, I thought, what kind of branch am I, what kind of fruit am I bearing, or do I need pruning. Hmmm, I decided that my life needed some pruning, and just as that thought entered my heart, the tears entered my eyes….I think God has a way of bringing to our minds those things that need pruning. So I did a little pruning today, or I should say God did a little gardening..:)

I made a list of my mom’s side of the family and the information that I was missing, I realized that I am missing some of the branches…SO I sent the list to my mom and asked her to help shape the tree back up.

Peter moved my desk and Printers to our bedroom, I am comfortable here, in front of the windows and writing, working on my newsletters, and just family paperwork. I just looked up and saw some of the neighborhood kids walking up the street…which means Rebecca will be walking through the door any minute…. Peter is sooooo sweet, I know it was not an easy task and those printers are heavier than my desk… Thank you sweetie, I appreciate it!

Matthew’s Birthday was Monday, so we celebrated on Sunday and Monday. We took him out to eat on Sunday after Church, but it was raining and cool on the coast, so we decided to reschedule the trip to the USS North Carolina, and we went Bowling….and we had a blast….then Monday was complete with Cake, and another restaurant for Matthew…..He got a Skateboard and new helmet and was even practicing in the rain…:) I think he liked it…:)

Anyway, I think that’s all for now…..Have a great day!


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