All or Nothing 90% of the time…Sorry…..Glad you love me anyway!

Well I spent the day today working on essays and taking tests. Only 4 more weeks of this class.

Let’s see I refused to make and New Year’s resolutions and so far I’ve lived up to them all..:) Who needs the pressure. 🙂 But on a lighter note..all those clothes I packed away for “when I can wear them”, I can now wear them again. The tanning bed is working it’s magic and by May, The beaches (of Spain) and I will be friends 🙂 Jeez, and I thought the beaches in Italy were a workout…Spain makes getting ready for Italy a cakewalk.

I researched some new formats for my family newsletter, and realized that last year’s newsletters are only posted on the website and not on the Blog and I need to add a few more links from my Blog page. So I guess I will do that later tonight. I guess that means I need to put the Wii down.
I found some very interesting ideas for the newsletter from some surprising sources. Sports newsletters gave me a few ideas about more than just the format of my letter.

Peter will be traveling this weekend, then the 1st 10 days of February. Seems like for a stay home job he travels more now than when he worked in an office. Not complaining mind you, just thought it was funny. I can’t wait til May and it is time for Spain….should be a fun trip, so I do get to go sometimes…

Who knew that Hockey games were so exciting. I guess since the Hurricanes are here in Raleigh, that makes the Sport more accessible, looks like I would have taken an interest when were in the Boston Area, however; in MA all I ever heard about was Baseball, Football, and sometimes a Basketball game.. Can’t say I am a huge Basketball fan, but Hockey, Baseball, and Football (American) I’m hooked. Learning something new about myself all the time.

Let’s see what else have I learned this week about me. I am very foolish! Trust me on this one, Peter would most certainly agree 110% on this one. Thank goodness he doesn’t hold anything against me. Peter says I can be intense at times. I think the travel gives him a break from me…:)
I am sure I can be…I am going a million miles an hour most of the time, but when I slow down, I drive everyone nuts I think. hmmm🙂 I don’t think I want to survey my friends and find out. I am just glad my FRIENDS and FAMILY love me just the way I am..:)

My new puppy is settling into the routine. I can’t get over how much he looks like a fox…but he is Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix, and he is red. I will have to post some pictures soon.

Well I have ranted enough. More tomorrow…..


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