Tempered Glass and Tempered Friends… all reach a shattering point.

Ever had one of those days where everything you seem to touch breaks and you don’t have the glue to fix it. That’s how I felt yesterday and today.

For example; Pyrex (I think that’s how you spell it) glass, put a roast in the oven and we hear this explosion in the kitchen; long story short my glass pan exploded..how does that happen. It is meant to go in the oven. It is meant to handle the heat.

I think in my life my true friends understand they have to be tempered like glass as well. But they aren’t supposed to blow up either. It hurts to acknowledge that I am so intense at times that they explode as well. (well not literally), but even they have to call a time out for a while and I take their actions as a personal blow, when they only mean it as an I’ll be back just give me time to catch my breath. Sometimes I forget that. One of my friends was explaining to me, “Girl I love you but, you are so intense, when you are sweet you are like sugar, when you are angry you are like a raging fire, when you are sad you are a waterfall, and when you love you give your all.” They also said, “No wonder you have a ton of friends because at any given moment someone is coming up for air.”

I know they all love me, but it hurts to know my personality is over the top sometimes (ok ok all the time). 🙂 My intentions are always the best. I am so blessed to have friends and family who don’t give up…they just have a time out then laugh with me again…


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