American Idol and Curling Irons part 2

Once again we watched American Idol, and laughed. I curled Rebecca’s hair again and she immediately made me straighten it. Jeez I thought it looked great. I guess the taste of a 30-ish (no I will not post my age) year old mom, and that of my 13 year old differ greatly. We did laugh and it was worth it all.

Matthew decided he wanted to watch TV upstairs with Peter. Peter had to work and was on phone calls with people on the other side of the world. Oh well. I think he is a workaholic think he might need a 12-step program for that. (just kidding)

The fire is going, there is 5 inches of snow on the ground, I spent the day with my mom, and my kids, talked to some old friends what could be better.

The kids don’t have school tomorrow so I am trying to figure out what we are going to do. One of Rebecca’s friends came over and we played American Idol for the Wii that was fun except Rebecca ALWAYS wins. Looks like I need to practice. I only beat her twice. It’s all fun though. Matthew is a Pro at bowling hands down he beats me every time and he can kick my butt at the Madden Football game. He loves the Tigers Woods Golf and I have yet to find the Hockey for the Wii. I was told it is out there I just have to find it. (OK I am a sports junky love it)

We are getting Rock Band and the Wii Fit next. I want to get them tomorrow but Pete said, “No.” and said something about the budget. I hate the B word. Jeez…. Oh well….I’ll have to keep you informed…:)

I love volunteering, and getting the right people together for a common goal. Sometimes I do miss Corporate America and Marketing….oh to put on a Suit and do my thing again…

Well that’s it for today….night all….:)


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