It’s Snowing…:)

It’s snowing! It is absolutely beautiful, and it makes me miss New England (no really, I miss it). I miss waking up and seeing 3 feet of snow and it’s -10 degrees. ahhhh those were the days.

The kids have been outside playing in the snow all morning. All the kids in the neighborhood have been outside all morning. I stepped out to take a few pictures earlier and all I heard was “hi Ms. Amber” it was sweet. I asked the young boys what trouble they were getting into today they assured me “nothing”. I am not sure I believe them totally, but kids will be kids. I have to smile.
All the kids to include mine are enjoying having 2 days out of school.

Our Cairn Terrier LOVES the cold weather he rolled in the snow tried to tunnel in what little snow there is (4 inches isn’t enough to tunnel in), came in and was caked in snow and looked at all of us like, “What?” as I was cleaning up the puddles everywhere he stepped. UGH.

My mom has been here for the last few days. I love having her with me. Peter is back from VA and will soon be getting ready for his trip to Berlin and London in February. My classes are going fine. Almost finished with one and 4 more weeks on the other one.

We have we just finished watching the Presidential Inauguration of President Obama, this marks a very historic day in our National regardless of who you voted for. We just saw history up close and personal.

Well…more later…:)


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