Bubble Bath and the movie 300 now that’s a night….:)

My feet are cold…funny way to start a posting hmmm.. but what the heck it is true..”put on socks you say”, done… “sit by the fire”, done…”hot bath” next on the list.

Matthew is at a friend’s Birthday party – it is supposed to be the NERF wars to end all NERF wars. Did you know that they made Chain guns for NERF..who knew…I am amazed. Boys and their toys. What is that saying, “the difference between boys and men are the size of their toys”. How true.

Rebecca is at a friends house, they have been to the fair, to a local talk show, to the movies, and to church, so she should be home in about an hour. Her hair has almost no pink left in it. (Thank goodness, wait did I just type that out loud). She wants the platinum blond in it now, hey I can live with that. I keep telling myself, it’s only hair. My mom reminded me, I dyed my hair red without telling anyone until after I already did it. Luckily she loved it, my dad on the other hand, well we won’t go there, not in this posting anyway. We will just say he was slightly less thrilled about it.

Pete went to pick up Matt and the pizza, and after my bath I am going to enjoy a movie I could watch a million times, “no, it’s not Legend of the Falls, for those of you who know me well.” I have another favorite movie, 300….Ahhhh now there is a movie with tons of eye candy..Ladies you have to agree with me here. Who care if it is historically accurate or not, really who cares…not me.

When I first had the opportunity to watch this movie I was flying back from London and it was the last 10 minutes of the movie and the last 20 minutes of the flight, they turned to movie off to make all the last minute announcements. I yelled “NO”. Of course I had no idea I had just yelled out loud. My niece laughed so hard at me. I did not think it was funny at all. I think it is now but not then.

SO back to my night…bubble bath and 300…what could be better champagne…and chocolate covered strawberries…(that I am dreaming on but it is a nice thought)

well more later….my feet are still cold so I am heading for my bath…later…


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