The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu ( thought naming it Parts 1, 2, etc..was getting boring)

OK. My goodness what all have I learned since my last posting. I changed the name of the postings but if you are keeping track it’s Part 5…I was getting bored with the part 1,2,3……

How to set my downloads in Firefox to go to a downloads folder, I guess what surprised me was Ubuntu didn’t even have a folder named downloads so created it. I am so glad people are willing to give me pointers.

Thanks to #ubuntu-women I learned about Scribus, Inkscape, Xara Xtreme, I haven’t had a chance to attempt to use them yet, but I love the add/remove function it made it so easy. I publish a newsletter for all my family and friends and since we have moved so much over the last 16 years I have gathered a ton of friends not to mention I have a huge extended family. They are wondering when they are going to get there next one. I love Pages and I am doing my best not to use the Mac to do this. If you see a link posted you will know the above worked,:).

It was suggested by shirishag75 that I try out some applications for creating and editing etc. Blog posts, so I thought ok…
Found BloGTK and drivel and installed them. Took me a few minutes. I didn’t know I had to change it to search for All available applications instead of Canonical Maintained Applications but it only took a few minutes to figure out. I’ll keep you informed.

I learned a little about the different flavors of Ubuntu, ie Kbuntu, Mythbuntu ect..Also about GNOME and KDE, which are desktop environments.

I also learned about Evolution (which if I understand it correctly it is like Outlook in MS). I decided I’d stick with my google stuff and Gmail etc…

Maybe I mentioned this before, but I managed to set up a Launchpad account, and I learned about Usability bugs, and how to test for bugs before I submit them.

I am about to hook up my card reader and see what happens to my photo’s I did notice that in addition to F-spot I have Gimp. I have used it a few times. I was given some suggestions on what to use for iMovie and iDvd but not ready for that yet.

This is fun….It really is easier than I thought for the average user. I haven’t had a change to click everybutton yet, but I will before I’m finished. I’m sure you’ll “hear about all that as well”

p.s. Should I go back to the old title or stick with the new one just wondering?


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