The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu

Part 6
Oh renamed 1-4 as well..:)
(PS Thanks D. Anderson for the suggestion I liked it, if you couldn’t tell)

The following was my day yesterday…Enjoy (I hope)

Plugged in my Sandisk Card Reader to the USB drive then inserted the Lexar 1GB SD card. A window popped up and said, “You have just inserted a media with digital photos. Choose what application to launch”. I left Open F-Spot Photo Manager That’s all I had to choose from on the drop down menu anyway :). I guess there is more I just don’t have it configured for anything else. (Another thing to work on) Clicked OK

Got an error Message ” The Folder contents could not be displayed”
Error stating file “home akgraner/Photos’: No such file or directory. hmm now I have to create another folder I think. Dang! However, (much to my surprise) I closed the error message and it downloaded the photo’s. I am confused. OK I should have picked the pictures folder but it was still easy to import them into F-spot. (After I closed the error message) Now I have to figure out how to eject the card? Oh I just have to unmount it from the desktop. I had it covered with to many windows…Duh…:P

As to the error I got when loading the pictures I will load some more tomorrow and see if I get the same error. If I do then I guess I have to search Launchpad to see if it is a known bug, and if not the file it.

I’m loving using Pidgin. I just learned about it when I started using Ubuntu. Now I am sure the rest of the world knew about it. All I ever used before was Adium (I liked the duck). I am quickly learning Pidgin can do so much more or at least it seems that way to me.

Ok, so I almost fell off the Ubuntu Wagon…I had to create a Hackergotchi, and since I have never used Gimp or F-Spot before I had a bit of a challenge. I still have yet to see if it worked. I had my blog added to, but Pgraner walked through the room and laughed (as I was logging into my Mac, I was very frustrated at this point) and said, “I can’t believe you are going to let a piece software get the better of you” and well I went back and tried Gimp some more. I have yet know if it worked yet or not (if I made my Hackergotchi correctly). Still waiting on the confirmation email, or just to see it show up on the page. If not I know I need to keep working on it. And for those of you who are just going to point me to the wiki page…I’ve been there.:) Thanks though I have it bookmarked and keep referring to it incase I missed something.

I am working with Scribus to publish my next newsletter. I have to admit, that of all the Publishing Applications (Scribius, Xara Xtreme, Inkscape) none of them are as easy as Pages and none of them have the templates that Pages have and that I need at this exact moment. I think that for what I need to do Pages is still the best tool for the job. However, I’m still willing to be convinced does any one have or know of templates for Scribus that will allow me to publish my newsletters easily and with the least amount of pain and frustration. You can see older newsletters off my main Blog page if that helps anyone help me.
/me sighs….

I still think there are the right tools for the right jobs and maybe Ubuntu and the publishing applications aren’t what I need to the job I want to do (yet:) ). Mac and Pages just make it easy. I pick what I want to do, pick the template and with minimal tweaking bam I have what I want and need.

Oh And I filed my first bug report. I am learning:) I am so happy.

I still haven’t clicked all the buttons yet I am only about halfway through “system” on the panel. However, I am still clicking along.

The switch to Ubuntu has been pretty easy so far (I even have a friend convinced that she can do it to. I’m giving her a disk later this week. My son’s teacher is even going to try it out I feel like an Evangelist. (no offense intended here just the best reference I could think of, so I apologize if it offended anyone.)

There are still a few things left to try compared to Mac before I rule the t-shirt has it right. So far the Publishing Part of it well, I had to Purchase Pages and I don’t mind Purchasing something for Ubuntu but I really thought the whole idea was open source was free. Looks like I might have to figure out how to make my own templates in my spare time. 🙂 Oh so much to learn and I am loving every minute of it even if some of those minutes are a little (just a little) frustrating.

Enjoy! I am:)


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