The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu

Part 13

I decided to take MagicFab, up on his advice, a slow the pace a bit. I am just enjoying using Ubuntu.

I wrote emails, got my Facebook (crack) fix, newsletters done, wrote a few essays, chatted with Friends and just basically used it without noticing that I wasn’t using my Mac. (Other than the Powerbook G4 has a 17 inch screen and the Mac Air is light).

I guess things are transparent for day to day use now. It’s only when I want to do more complicated things, and then it is just a matter of learning a new way. That is true with anything though….(This whole new switch reminded me of a book I used to encourage my mangers read (I gave copies to them) when I worked in the Hotel Industry, “Who Moved My Cheese: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life, by Spencer Johnson, Foreward by Ken Blanchard) It’s just change and how you deal with it is half the battle.

Still fighting with Scribus, but that to will pass. I only have to be 10% smarter than the equipment/application I am trying to operate. (still trying to figure out my % ratio here)

So there is not a long list of “guess what I tried todays” to write about.

Yestersday was the 1st day of just forgetting that it was a different Operating System and just using it.

I was comfortable and it was easy.

(so in short, in under two weeks I am not expert at Ubuntu, but my ease of use and comfort level in using it Ubuntu was easier than when I switched from Windows to Mac. There were a few times I almost threw my Mac away, I haven’t threatened to do that with Ubuntu yet. Just Scribus..:) )

Tomorrow is a new day so I am going to look at Jaunty again and install the cool things I like and see what happens when I click some more buttons.

On or about the 10th I will get another notebook, so I don’t have to swap out hard drives or try to dual boot yet (though I will try it). I can just do a clean install of Fedora 10 like I did Ubuntu 8.10 and go from there. After thinking about all the ways to do that, (that being try Fedora 10 on my own for the 1st time) I figured that was the best thing to do for me anyway.

So today is Short and Sweet (yet reflective)….have a great day!
More tomorrow…


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