Help the Van Hoof Family!

Hi all!

Chris Van Hoof of the Canonical Platform Services Team and his fiancée Jessica Yarbrough lost their home this weekend as a tornado swept through Raleigh NC.  An industrial AC unit crashed through their roof bringing the roof down on top of them and breaking the sprinkler system in their condo.  They managed to  crawl out of the rubble and even rescued their dog and cat.

Currently they are staying with Chris’ parents outside of Fayetteville, NC.

I talked to Chris a few minutes ago and asked if I could create a ChipIn Page for them as everyone was wanting to know how they could help.  “At this point every little bit will help; thanks so much, ” Chris said. “We are just devastated and numb right now.”

Click here if you want to help.  Thanks!

ChipIn Page Link:


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