The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu

Part 25

I installed Alpha 6, but I was waiting for the update button to show up on my tool bar. I knew it had been released so I waited. Nothing, notta…

I was complaining how come everyone else said they had their updates. I was wondering how do I get mine and how will I know when they are out.

Well to my frustration the little alert that stays on your toolbar to let you know there are updates is not in Jaunty..ARRRRR! So learned that an update box pops up and lets you know there are updates but, if you don’t install the updates when the box pops up it goes away after a while. Well that’s great if you know what to do. I need something on the tool bar, I can even deal with a box that pops up, but it needs to go away only after I tell it to.

I learned to get the updates you go to Systems, administrations, then Update Manager. Then you can get your updates. To many mouse clicks. I liked one mouse click and bam there the updates. I liked the little notification on the tool bar. I guess I can deal with that. I can tell you that the average user would rather have something to remind them and not just pop up once and go away. I was disappointed to learn this. However, I can go with it. More average users need to join this. I know I saw it on a comment on Pete’s blog “duh it’s written for an by techies”, but 90% of the desktop market is average users, and pulling them away from windows will be the test. I admire all the technical skills all the people who write the program and the things they do. However, I think they forget how average users work. I am not asking for Ubuntu to become windows or mac, I am just asking make it an easier transition.

I must admit it is really easy to use Ubuntu, I think as more average users transition and see how much input they can have they will like buttons too. 🙂 The more they learn then more they will want to know the more technical and command line stuff and what happens behind the scenes, but until that happens….I like my button on the tool bar.


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