Book Review: I Knew You’d Be Lovely by Alethea Black

I just finished reading I Knew You’d Be Lovely by Alethea Black. It’s a collection of short stories that as I read each page I would catch a glimpse of my own “loveliness” tucked within each story.  It is my belief that writers also leave some part or image of themselves in what they write. I couldn’t help but wonder where in each story Black’s image of herself was and as I finished the book Black brought her images from each story into clear focus.

Each of Black’s characters in the I Knew You’d Be Lovely story collection seemed to be separate yet build on awareness of self from the story before it. I wanted to know more about each character and found myself lost in the possibilities from each of them and looked for those familiar personalities types in my own real life experiences and surroundings–Finding they exist makes the read even better.

Stories where one dreams of the endings or longs for the last page not to be turned are truly works of art that are imprinted on our hearts and minds.  Black’s I Knew You’d Be Lovely did just that–I wanted to re-read each story hoping to read some detail that would again challenge an old belief or reveal a new one.

I Knew You’d Be Lovely by Alethea Black was an inspiring read! I look forward to reading more of her work.


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