The Help (Book and Movie) Review

Last weekend I finished reading the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I posted my immediate reaction as my Facebook that day.

I just finished reading the book “The Help” – needless to say I ended it in tears (which is always a sign it stuck an emotional chord somewhere within me) Need to see the movie – then write more. Anyone raised in the South needs to read this book!

While the book is a work of fiction there in the pages one finds the undercurrent that is in some areas sadly still present today. While The Help shows the reader more than just the separation between races in Mississippi in the 60’s. I was sadden and grateful to get lost in Kathryn Stockett’s ability to tell the story and hope that through reading “The Help” people can see it’s about so much more. My cheeks are still wet with the tears that I can’t yet explain fully. More later…

~ From my post on Facebook

After I posted this status I looked to see where the movie was playing. Then my kids and I drove to Hendersonville, NC, (about an hour from my house) sped through the chick fil a, gulfed down our food in about two bites. I was so caught up in the book I didn’t fix any breakfast or lunch for anyone, but I digress.

The movie was as moving as the book.  One minute I was laughing and the next I was crying. This particular theatre held about 290 people and all but the first 3 rows were packed.  The movie ended and the whole place applauded.  What I looked for was those people whose face looked like mine–swollen eyes, puffy face, no make-up because they too had tear filled eyes.  There were a lot.

Since I now had another hour drive home, it gave my kids and I an opportunity to discuss the movie.  It was a fantastic discussion filled with some very insightful questions and the realizations of some sad truths–racism still exists and almost seems to be gaining ground in some areas.  We discussed the many areas where inequality can be seen across a diverse set of peoples.

I would recommend The Help–the movie and the book–to anyone who wants to continue those in-depth discussions with friends and family.  This book and movie should strike cords of compassion, understanding, and empathy. Through her words Stockett writes a melody that the movie accompanies and shares moments that move the soul.


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