Ok so I am writing the post on Sunday…. Saturday was so busy…

First I had to drop off some booklets I made fro the 1st Communion Classes to the Sisters at the Church. (before 9am). Got that task out of the way. Then came back to the house. Where the fun began.

The company Peter works for, Redhat, provided the software used to make the Shrek movies. So Redhat and their families here in Westford, MA were invited to see the Shrek 3 movie a week earlier than the public. WAY COOL. Two of the guys who work for Dreamworks and worked on the movie were there and it was such great family time. I love Peter’s job! The movie is well worth going to see. Click here to see the Shrek the Third movie trailer.

Then after that we came home and napped for a little while. Ahhh a nap in the afternoon. I forgot how refreshing that can be.

Then we got ready for Church (4pm Mass). Rebecca was serving so we all went as a family to Mass. Very relaxing. Father Jim celebrated the Mass. That was the 1st time I has the opportunity to here him and I enjoyed his homily very much.

Then after that Peter took me out to the mall and to dinner. Rebecca and Matthew stayed with their favorite babysitter for a couple of hours. While we drove into Burlington, Peter had to run to the apple store and I needed to stop by Crane and Company for some more note cards. We were going to have dinner to the Cheesecake Factory (one of my favorite places, avocado egg rolls to die for…yummy) but the wait was 1 hour and 40 minutes for and inside table. So we came back to Tewksbury, checked in on the kids, then went up the street to Kyoto’s, a Japanese Steakhouse.

Was a great day! Spent with the family.

Today is Mother’s Day, and I called my mom at 6:30am to tell her Happy Mother’s Day. She was on vacation all week. I usually talk to her everyday. But had not talked to her all week and I told her I waited as long as I could to call. I sent her gift the week before so She would have it before she left. She was already up and packing as they were leaving their vacation spot in the Mountains on NC heading back home, so they could pick up the grandchildren and head to church themselves. LOVE YOU MOM!!!! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!

More later as the day unfolds…gotta run to church now…..


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