A new printer!

Peter got me this great Color Laser Printer. We got it set you last night and it’s AWESOME. Now my newsletter and such will look so much better.

We were supposed to have Dinner with a family member who was in Boston from Raleigh last night, but the sudden Thunderstorms and the Flooding and Hail sorta’ put a damper on that. I was so excited that someone from “home” (any one from NC or that is in family fits into that Category) was up here. I was disappointed that we couldn’t get together….BUMMER

Today I finished up the draft of the 1st Communion Booklets. Now everyone just has to proof them and Sign off and they will be finished. Now I am moving on the the certificates and entering the names in the book at church. Long process. I am still working on the April 15, 2007 certificates, but we’ll manage.

Today was Ascension Thursday. And Fr. Taggart gave a wonderful Homily as always. He re emphasised that we should all be praying as the apostles did for the Holy Spirit to come upon us to give us the gifts we need to go out and spread the Good News, that Christ has given us. That He was crucified, died, buried, rose again, and ascended into Heaven, for our sake. That He came to save us, and then sent the Holy Spirit to be with us. Fr. Taggart reminded us that we aren’t using all the gifts (to the fullest) that God has sent for us and how we need to pray more fervently for those gifts. I am sure on Pentecost Sunday he will expound more on the topic.

Now I am home and I have to straighten the house before the cleaning lady comes tomorrow. She told me she cleans she doesn’t straighten…..stress me out. oh well.

Well gotta run….My class newsletter is finished. Now onto Junes….:)


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