Today was the last Religious Education Class for this year (2007). WHEW! Next weekend is 1st Communion for the Children who are receiving, and June 2 is Confirmation. So there is still much to be done. I have to finish the certificates, print the booklets after I make a few correction, and finish up a few odds and ends here and there.

I have managed to take over the dinning room table with all my “TO DO” stuff. I really need to clean it up and put everything in its place: problem I am not sure where to put it all. AHHHHH….I’ll figure it out though.

Last night I was so tired I think I went to bed before 8pm. I didn’t realize I had gotten so tired, so I guess I needed the sleep.

It is STILL raining and cold and it is supposed to be that way all the way through Sunday.

I went to the Orthodontist on Friday and all the gaps are closed now the are just trying to open my lower bit. and it really HURTS! After I get finished with orthodontist then the dentist will make me a splint to help with my TMJ. if that doesn’t fix it they will send me over to the Hospital too have my jaw looked at by the only specialist in the area. So I am hoping that between the braces and splints that it will improve, without the surgery.

Anyway, we have to leave in about an hour as Rebecca is serving at the 4pm Mass….

More later…


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