It’s Monday Again!

What a busy weekend!

Saturday was the last CCD (OK Religious Education) class for the 07 year. The 1st Communion Children had their Mini retreat and Rebecca had to practice singing for 1st Communion next weekend along with serving at the 4pm Mass on Saturday. We all went to Mass as a Family.

Fr. Taggart celebrated the Mass and like I suspected his Homily was on praying for the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts like never before giving us the strength and courage and wisdom needed to go out and be good and faithful servants in the world. I always enjoying being in church. The name over the door doesn’t matter to me as much as the name on my heart does. And if my relationship with Christ is right, then everything else will work out the way God has in mind. I keep thinking “Love one another as I have loved you” WOW. to do that boy do I need the Holy Spirit and all the gifts it brings. Keep praying for me. See I’m human and I fail, but I get up and I ask forgiveness and I try not to make those mistakes again. (but I am human)

Anyway Sunday I wanted to go to Mass again, but I guess I was exhausted as I slept til 10am, the whole house did (including the dog). I didn’t realize how tired I was until I woke up. We all got ready and ran into Salem. Peter dropped me off at a store called the Christmas Tree Shop and Rebecca and I did some shopping there. (Teachers gifts, some baskets and such) Peter and Matt ran to the Apple store to pick up something Peter needed for work and from there it was on to the butcher shop. Then we cam home.

I worked on certificates for 1st communion, and confirmation, and updated the attendance files for Religious Education Class. I had to design the certificates using a Program called pages and with my new printer they turned out awesome! Plus trying to finish up the teachers certificates. Ran out of some supplies and staples was closed. Now why would they close when I need stuff.

While I was organizing all of that Peter and the kids were getting the house in order for the cleaning lady and cooking steaks for dinner. The kids really enjoy cooking and I am happy to let the three of them cook. Peter is a GREAT cook and he loves his grill.

So this morning the cleaning lady came and Peter worked from home while I ran the kids to school. Then it was off to the post office to mail my CCD kids their gifts for having a great year, then I stopped by for 10 mins of fake sun (ok my doctor is going to kill me, but I needed to feel some sunlight on my face, its to gloomy here), then I went to the cleaners, then to Staples to pick up the stuff I needed last night, then I stopped and got a fill in for my nails and decided to get a French Manicure.

Now I am home and Peter is finishing his calls and we are going to get some lunch before I drop him off at work. Then I need to run to the grocery store to get the stuff I need to make for my meeting tonight. Then its off to the rectory to pick up a book to drop of to some friends from church and pick up the kids and head home and make everything for the 7:30pm meeting at Church. (Lamb Stew, homemade bread, and a salad)

WHEW!! how’s that for a busy day.


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